I'm Megan Running and I am "Running on Creativity"
I'm an artist, graphic designer and most recently
a pyrographer! Making art and being creative is
what fuels my heart and soul.


What I Love Doing

Sometimes I think I have TOO many interests


When I was little I would draw all of my favorite characters out of my Disney books. It didn't take me long to realize that drawing and being artistic was something I loved and wanted to pursue. I do A LOT of sketching nowadays, but I don't do much real drawing any more.

Wood Burning

My most recent endeavor. I love wood burning because it forces me to be more decisive. There's no erasing and you have to make your decisions quickly as you go. I can be somewhat unsure of myself, so this has been a great way to force myself to be more confident in my creative choices.


Acrylic and watercolor are my favorite. Recently I've started adding watercolor to my wood burnings. The burned lines keep the colors from bleeding into one another. There's just something about painting on wood that I adore. I love when the wood grain and imperfections show through and add to the art, I'm not trying to cover those things up. I like working with the natural beauty of the wood.

Book making

I got really into making artist books in college. I've always been a lover of books (old and new) and there's something about having to turn pages to view the full art piece. You get to set the pace. Not to mention the intimate experience of holding the book in your hands, versus viewing something hanging on the wall.


I actually have a degree in Printmaking from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Why? I'm not really sure, other than for the fact that I LOVE it. Wasn't the best decision career-wise hence the going back to school for graphic design later on. BUT- I'm an old soul so it makes sense that I love the older processes of art/mark making. Physically carving a wood block, or etching into a copper plate. The sound the ink makes when you're rolling it out. Peeling back your paper and seeing your print for the first time-oooh I just gave myself goosebumps!

Carpentry/Repurposing Furniture

My dad is a carpenter and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I grew up with a love and appreciation for trees, our land and woodworking. Almost all of the wood I use for my projects comes from our very own land that my dad saws on his sawmill. I also love taking old things and giving them new life. One person's trash can easily become my treasure with a little creativity and some elbow-grease.

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